Welcome to Wilcox Investment

This is a place where you can get good financial advice, and if you need it, good investment management. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Money is a wonderful invention. Making it work for you, given your special situation, exposure to financial risks (and possibly your tax burden), and financial goals, is one of life's major tasks. Regrettably, increasing wealth brings increasing complexity, and the counterintuitive behavior of financial markets can be daunting.

We specialize in customizing an investment program to your unique situation. We love our work, not only for the fascination with finding new ways to add value, but also for the challenge of converting complexity to simplicity for our clients. We have designed a business model that eliminates distractions and aligns our interest with yours.

Our experience has led us to practices that are quite different from those offered by Wall Street and which recognize the reality that real sophistication is straightforward and accessible. We welcome your inquiry.